About Us

The Arabian Projects Company: a new venture which was found after the merger of two highly reputable and experienced companies, JTD and APE. Both companies have a combined experience of more than half a century of providing services across a wide spectrum of areas. This merger resulted in the establishment of APC which will aspire to provide the same quality of services as its predecessors.

APC follows a unique professional strategy in all aspects and directions, powered by a highly qualified and diverse staff, and guided by a firm knowledge of the industry and its processes.

APC has been pivotal in molding a number of valuable brands in the market. The mixture of new and unique ideas and long term experiences had given rise to exceptional work which has led to a long term trust with our privileged clients. We are here to help you invest in your brand, and turn your vision into tangible results where you will undoubtedly notice a big difference in your business.

APC has been focusing and building its expertise in the following activities: Sound re-enforcement Systems, Professional Audio Systems, Public Address, Commercial Sound Systems, Conferencing, Voting Systems, Language Labs, Audio/Video Systems, CCTV Systems, and Access Control Systems. We provide a full range of design, engineering, and technical support services that extend from the project concept adaptation, into the implementation phase, and finally training and operational support. We also provide consultancy services that include assessment of needs and requirements, physical surveys, conceptual system development, engineering, specifications and documentation.